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What is THE CHUBB SHOW’s mission?


THE CHUBB SHOW’s mission is to help, individuals and companies get their message out on its win, win, win and fair for all international platforms. THE CHUBB SHOW offers high quality and entertaining content to its viewers while giving exposure to those presented by THE CHUBB SHOW, and at the same time providing a platform for businesses to present their products, goods, and services.

What is Commercial Sponsorship?


Our Commercial Sponsorship Program offers the opportunity to present your company’s message in a variety of creative ways. Sponsorship gives you direct access to our customers and helps you build your brand. By partnering with THE CHUBB SHOW you are helping us deliver a variety of events and services to a constantly growing community.


Examples of Sponsorship:

  • Prize giveaways

  • Sponsored contests

  • Media

  • Promotional

  • Financial

  • In-Kind



What is Commercial Advertisement?


Our Commercial Advertisement Program offers the opportunity to display your company’s information in a variety of ways. Advertising gives you opportunities to gain exposure within our community. By partnering with THE CHUBB SHOW you will see a difference once you advertise.


Examples of Advertising:

  • Push notifications

  • Banners

  • Flyers

  • Product Placement in TV Shows, Live, Virtual & Hybrid Events,

  • Product Placement in Interviews

  • In-event speaking opportunities

  • In app Group and Forum posting

  • TV Commercials and Video Ads

  • Website Advertisement and Commercials

  • Backlinks

  • Prize giveaways

  • Sponsored contests

  • Signage at the events entrance

  • In App Signage at Ticket Purchase

  • Logos on Printed Tickets

  • Booth Space

  • Video Drops

  • Social Media Mentions

  • Product sells opportunities at events



How much should I invest?

The amount and type support you provide are negotiable as well as the opportunities offered to you are negotiable and are based on a fair and equitable exchange of values. Sponsorship investment varies by events, as does the amount and type of exposure you receive. Your sponsorship may be in the form of cash, products or services, or a combination of all three. Sponsorship is not a charitable donation. We will do our part to ensure you receive the value you desire from your investment in THE CHUBB SHOW. Our goal for every sponsor relationship is win-win!

What are the benefits?

  • Scalable promotion and marketing

  • Pinpointed demographic marketing

  • Opportunities for sales closes with warm prospects

  • Highlighted product and, or service offerings

  • Brand building, Lead generation, Audience insights, etc.…

  • In-house knowledge and resources

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